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  1. Re: Guatemalan woman wants state to return her children
  2. Re: ADVICE plz? on income support and fostering in uk
  3. Re: Caring for the Caseworkers Who Care for Kids
  4. Re: State schools fail to meet new federal test standards
  5. Re: Prosecutor whipped in *felony spanking* in FL
  6. Re: Other crt rules child abuse investigation unconstitutional
  7. Re: Fern, you so funny......
  8. Re: DFACS/CPS abuses of authority
  9. volunteering for respite care
  10. UK Child can sue state for harm when family falsely accused
  11. New Guidelines Established For Child-Abuse Cases Leaders Establish Centers For Abused Children
  12. Caregiver pleads guilty to fraud
  13. Dad's custody battle ends in hugs, kisses
  14. (IL.) DCFS probes charges of cover-up at Maryville
  15. (AZ.) Begin CPS reform by using police
  16. |Re: Boston Diocese offers 55M settlement in CSA cases
  17. Childrens Services and False Allegations, destruction of a family
  18. (MO.) Family Services renamed
  19. (IL.) Gunfire wounds Maryville runaway
  20. Re: Guatemalan woman wants state to return her children
  21. Re: Terrible Two
  22. Foster parent joins NY rally to protest children taken from his home
  23. Florida fails its kids
  24. DCF may face more legal action
  25. Many reasons for Bush to send DCF chief packing
  26. DCF flunks 6 of 7 child-welfare gauges
  27. Guardian program short on volunteers
  28. Foster care agency already in money crunch
  29. (OH) County OKs $950,100 to shaken foster child
  30. (IL.) Boy dies in DCFS custody
  31. (GA.) Judge grants class action in foster care suit
  32. DCF to submit plan to court monitor
  33. DCF: Abuse Cases Closed Faster
  34. Class action suit certified in GA. Services, family maintenance stressed
  35. 2.5 B (yup billion) spent on SACWIS DB, so far
  36. Argentina's Dirty War survivors get some justice Citizens killed by gvt.
  37. Character First! won't improve staff morale
  38. DCF accuses woman of neglect
  39. (WI) "I hope it does not crack in half," ...
  41. (NC.) Poor choices haunt loving mother
  42. (NY.) Failing the children
  43. something to bring a smile to your face
  46. ICPC outdated-Kinship care tool outdated too S-L-O-W.
  47. Jack Levine
  48. Craig Chamberlin
  49. input needed
  50. Re: I'm too excited!
  51. |Re: Safe in the arms of love
  52. Children were living 'in house of horrors'
  53. (SA) Team hunting 'dog-rape' teen
  54. (MA.) Murderer's rep as rat preceded long rap sheet
  55. (FL.) Former DCF attorney files whistle-blower lawsuit in Lakeland
  56. |Re: (TN.) Stay-at-home dads
  57. |Re: |Re: (TN.) Stay-at-home dads
  58. Accused Child Molester Was A Foster Parent Licensed By The State of Idaho
  59. Mom sues DCF over alleged attack on son
  60. (Off-Topic Irony) (MN.) Ten Commandments: Different state, different judge, different time
  61. (CA.) Single-dad families more and more common
  62. (CT) Felix Del Valle
  63. (CT) Felix Del Valle (supercede's prior post)
  64. Re: Molestation: Fondling Geoghan sent to jail for
  65. Re: Molestation: Fondling Geoghan sent to jail for
  66. (NJ) Officials ask family why they kept body
  67. Shld states be fined 4 improper adoptions, not Kinship placement?
  68. (AZ) Adjust priorities at CPS
  69. what Bush is doing to kids
  70. Rehab program for teens needs own helping hand
  71. DCF boss struggling to dent child woes
  72. Florida's children can't wait
  73. Review: DCF cases were closed too early
  74. DCF chief defends agency's response to abuse cases
  75. DCF lawyer says he's not an extremist
  76. DCF hires activist for religious right causes
  77. Get a new Patriot Act
  78. Mom sues DCF over alleged attack on son
  79. Backlog blunder
  80. DCF hire has ties to Bush family
  81. Former DCF Attorney Files Whistle-Blower Lawsuit In Lakeland
  82. Settlement reached in DCF case
  83. Sticking it to state workersv
  84. Is optional 12th grade turning Florida schools into a joke?
  85. Re: DCF training questioned
  86. GA: Separating families not only way DFACS v AL
  87. Re: Getting kids out of system is focus of DCF summit
  88. (CA.) Social worker charged in embezzlement case
  89. ...Hmmmm foster care moves profitable for scammers....
  90. DCF chief fights critics, child abuse during year
  91. Wide right
  92. DCF chief adds aide to help polish image
  93. DCF chief adds aide to help polish image
  94. Six F's for DCF
  95. ...hmmmm foster care MOVES = profit for scammers
  96. Qui tam or whistleblower lawsuits for CPS child protective
  97. Basic Rights of Foster Parents
  98. Re: Blaze, Susan, & Nehmo Lost Appeal
  99. |Re: Ex Giants player sentenced-DYFS wrkr no harm noticed
  100. A Plant's Motivation?
  101. For anyone considering being a foster carer
  102. Iowa considers dropping adoption subsidy
  103. "Memoirs of a baby stealer" RN foster Mom speaks out
  104. Ottawa - Annual Victims Of Child Welfare Memorial Day Planning Meeting
  105. DCF FL Whistleblower: Ocala: Records falsification. Heard that story before in FL?
  106. UK group for foster carers
  107. States allowing class actions 4 kids abused in foster care
  108. Re: Murder Swedish style & crime higher than you think
  109. Natl grp seeks CT DCF foster care oversight
  110. AK foster care offical brush w DV law- violence
  111. |Re: 7 state sites for families w CPS prob. spanking
  112. Re: Hey Greg!
  113. DHS Maine, Huge accounting scam-Guv to oversee dept.
  114. I'm sorry Fern
  115. FIA to search out family, not strangers to foster in Michigan
  116. FIA to search out family, not strangers to foster in Michigan
  117. Prevent Child Abuse
  118. DCF Has Model On Drug Policy
  119. DCF: Anything but safe
  120. Survey to gauge ideas on marriage
  121. Apathy, drugs a potent mix for foster kids
  122. Callers hang up on abuse hot line
  123. DCF Vows To Fight Federal Receivership
  124. Is this what's in store for children...
  125. Law firm joins pro-bono effort to reform foster care
  126. What IS the Connection?
  127. |Re: Is this what's in store for children...
  128. |Re: Impotent poster on this NG
  129. This is the kind of parenting the Spankers Pine for.
  130. Laughter is "Medicine" ---> PsYcHiAtRy
  131. |Re: The Plant answer DNA swab Question
  132. Re: |Re: Law Firm joins pro bono effort to reform foster care
  134. |Re: It's my pleasure, Greg.
  135. |Re: Prevent Child Abuse
  136. Paint like Monet in 30 minutes !
  137. DHS in Maine may curtail fosters smoking
  138. Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
  139. Most states regulate smoking by foster families
  140. "Perverse incentives" can't keep kids based on bucks/head
  141. Lawyers Will Bring Suit on Behalf of Foster Children
  142. Is HSLDA the way to go?
  143. Anti-Med couple denied foster care application
  144. NCCPR: Florida Toddler Latest Casualty of State's Foster-Care Panic
  145. test news
  146. CNN news said DCF FL ignored Judge's orders
  148. |Re: Med records question.
  149. 2 DCF FL wrks fired for deliberate indifference Judge's order
  150. 2 DCF wrkrs FL fired deliberate indifference to Judge's order
  151. New Parenting Message Board!!
  152. Children's Fears
  153. Children's fears
  154. Work from home!
  155. |Re: too many latinos?
  156. Immunity waived when insurance purchased
  157. DCF fires manager in Miami district
  158. Report: DCF Has File On Brianna's Mother
  159. Broward keeps children in foster care longest, officials say
  160. Kinship care & adoption in Texas TDPRS, PRS Fw:
  161. |Re: John Walsh Show. 10-15-03
  162. Re: My baby came home Wednesday.
  163. Re: Do You Want To Learn The Secrets Of Psychics?
  164. States expanding, publicizing Kinship Care programs
  166. Calling All Child Advocates!
  167. Study Shows U. S. Ranks Poorly on Child Maltreatment
  168. DCF Hiring Social Workers To Reduce Caseloads
  169. DCF returns girl to foster parents
  170. Grand Rally
  171. Small Update
  172. Alabama DHR & conduct with Guatemalan teen
  173. PA: ACLU steps in to fully fund KINSHIP CARE Beaver Co.
  174. Audit deals blow to CPS reform
  175. Tune in to Three For Kids' Sake! Radio Specials About the Lives of Children
  176. "Worst case of abuse seen" done by foster, adoptive parents
  177. Fw: Cash for kids, records falsified? drive by casework?
  178. Need Help in Gathering CPS Data
  179. Join Us...
  180. Crime in FL to falsify DCF records-up to 5 yrs in prison
  181. Re: Crime in FL to falsify DCF records-up to 5 yrs in prison
  182. MO: 100K to be paid by fosters in Dominic suit
  183. CA: DCFS admits wrong quickness to foster $$ 4 services, in home, instead
  184. DYFS NJ caseworker prayed with family for electricity
  185. Re: Beth 15/22 rule and adoption pressure oddities
  186. So much for the claims about Sweden
  187. House hearing today shows failure to protect & Fed funds misused
  188. 7B in Fed funds did NOT provide safety 4 DYFS foster or adoptees
  189. Calif kin question placment w fosters--not kin CA agrees
  190. NJ docked over 6M placing kids unlicensed foster homes
  191. Addtl Congressional hearing to monitor $ to foster care & adoption
  192. Infant removed from house full of animals
  193. Two toddlers
  194. Not-guilty plea filed on Henk's behalf
  195. Maine fails, too. Kids spending too much time foster care
  196. You've got to see this
  197. Re: CPS agencies most secretive in gvt. NONE passed audit
  198. For Cabbagehead: was R. Wexler author of Wounded Innocents-real victims of CPS
  199. Court TV to air MO foster murder Dilley case highlights
  200. test
  201. Tiger abuse & foster abuse in NY apt. Where was ACS?
  202. NJ DYFS cw's violated state law-Not interviewing all family members
  203. Search bolsters theory money motivated adoptions
  204. Most service needed: day care, babsitting, Foster care proffered
  205. Other adoptive parents pleads guilty murder former foster
  206. Report blasts TN DCS foster care
  207. Adoption subsidies center of storm at DYFS, CPS adoptions
  208. Re: Kids should work !!!
  209. bobb takes a break or gets one
  210. NJ docked 6M 4 placing kids unlicensed foster homes
  211. WA DSHS suit contends FC home housed dangerous teens
  212. Calif. waiver *services 4 families* not foster care
  213. We are new parents
  214. Re: DSHS WA sued in dangerous foster home setting
  215. Teleflora Calling...oh, Pinenut...Teleflora Calling.
  216. Jury finds DSHS faulty in foster kids assault
  217. Soon to be Foster parents
  218. |Re: WA DSHS suit contends FC home housed dangerous teens
  219. Why won't folks FOSTER? Could it be CPS attituyde? (intentional missspelling)
  220. Hmmmm Kane and cw have TIME for long lunches??
  221. |Re: Follow the money: UNadopt egregious adoption scam
  222. FL adoption STOPPED. Neither DAD nor GP notified
  223. |Re: Fed funds avail 94-yet only 5 states implemented SACWIS
  224. Re: Ron supports my headline. CPS attiduyde turns off fosters
  225. kids fight with moring stars
  226. |Re: kids fight with moring stars
  227. Online Guide for Foster Care
  228. FC Ohio agencies fleeced 16M from taxpayers Ohio
  229. New placement
  230. Book that recognizes and supports Foster Care
  231. Re: Kids should work...
  232. Re: One-half reports made to AZ CPS fake-ex-spouse, GP's
  233. Re: Ping da Pinocchio a Montlban
  234. Thinking about fostering a special needs child?
  235. |Re: Thinking about fostering a special needs child?
  236. Re: Kids should work...
  237. Re: Ping da Pinocchio a Montlban
  238. bobbaloo was Re: Kids should work...
  239. NJ DYFS may allow workers to foster w addtl benefits
  240. Re: Kids should work...
  241. Keli Wahine
  242. Ex-nurse "Memoirs of a baby stealer" reviews
  243. Re: Oops Re: repartations was Re: bobbaloo was Re: Kids should work...
  244. |Re: Is Dennis Deakin taking CPSWatch in a new direction?
  245. Animated TShirts
  246. Gelles finds fosters 10% abuse chance, criminal placement
  247. Re: Kids should work.
  248. Re: Kids should work.
  249. Re: Kids should work.
  250. Maine lawmaker to march w DHS reform group, fosters this week