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  2. Re: Gotta keep it from The Children
  4. Virtual school seeks Iowa funding
  5. (Illinois) Kids Count study finds high infant mortality rates in Coles, Edgar counties
  6. Re: Question-Congregate Care
  7. Re: Tax IRS investigations of fosters as a class
  8. Re: Support grp in TX for those who spank-TDPRS intruding??
  9. Father Upset With Foster Service Over Near-Drowning Of Son
  10. Re: Want to chat
  11. Hey Fern!!! was Re: Question-Congregate Care
  12. Re: Tenn. Parents Sue School Over Cameras
  14. (New Jersey) Man faults DYFS after son's near drowning
  15. Re: More Corporal Punishment Research
  16. (Mississippi) Judge dismisses assault charges against instructors
  17. Re: Ugly Sounds of an Actual Spanking
  18. Cops: Mom Hit Girl, 1
  19. Re: (Illinois) Car-seat law aims to protect children
  20. Re: Embarrassing Students Isn't "Discipline"
  21. Dog bites increase over summer
  22. Ain't no such thing as DEATH
  23. Re: Catastrophic History Lesson -- MAN AS OLD AS COAL
  24. News about Circe (Barbara)
  25. SPECIAL MESSAGE from Bots-R-Us -- All Infested News Groups - re: ConradBot
  26. Re: allergic to milk protein...how long?
  27. As you were growing up,how modest were you around your parents & siblings? Or were you more relaxed & didn't care if they saw you in your underwear?
  28. reading to a book vandal
  29. Re: What to pack for infant for vacation 6 days?
  30. Re: A teenager question
  31. Re: stuttering
  32. Re: Vending Machines in schools
  33. Re: Update: Newborn Hearing Test (xpost)
  34. Re: Ten years on usenet
  35. Re: 2 1/4 year old keeps taking off diapers
  36. Re: Barbara (Circe) is doing well (cross-posted)
  37. Re: Help - Newborn will only sleep on one of us.
  38. Re: Need Advice
  39. Re: Barbara (Circe) is doing well
  40. Re: disposable diapers
  41. Re: Getting a 6 Month on a Schedule
  42. Re: Circumcision? - was AP research - can anyone help?
  43. When NO is funny.
  44. Reason for weaning from bottle at 1 yo?
  45. Back Friendly Kid Carrier For Sale
  46. Extra finger - polydactyly
  47. Re: Curious about something.
  48. Re: New archive of documents on missing children from across the US
  49. help-- i am using SO many diapers!
  50. Re: 5 & 7 YOs Dealing with death
  51. Re: Cleaning Stuffed Animals
  52. Nanny needs a wonderful family in MA.
  53. Barbara (Circe) is out of ICU
  54. Re: Kids Education
  55. Re: Carrier Suggestions For a Big Baby
  56. Toddler Activities
  57. cafe name
  58. Pictures of my Boy!!
  59. bedtime
  60. Re: social diner
  61. Re: Excuse Me???? Re: Researchers admit spanking behavior notrigorously tested
  62. Maya Wrap newborn vertical - safety?
  63. LeapPad/LeapFrog thoughts wanted
  64. Re: Horrified!
  65. Re: Co-sleeping question
  66. Re: Toddler videos -- opinions please!
  67. I'm home!
  68. Philly public schools go soda free! email to your school board
  69. ADHD
  70. Re: Just a kid, or ungrateful brat?
  71. The Story About the Toddler, Volume 5.
  72. why do I have to give whole milk to my toddler?
  73. Re: [OT] What Is "Terrorism?"
  74. Tall generation
  75. Re: A proud new parent
  76. Warning for Mk groups (was Re: A proud new parent)
  77. Re: how do i know if he's teething??
  78. Young Kids and Karate
  79. Re: Aspen Acheivement academy
  80. "Time Wasting Rules" - from Real Simple Magazine - NOT GOOD!
  81. question for medical professionals about feet
  82. Re: announcing misc.kids.family-life
  83. Childhood Vision Legislation
  84. Re: PTO/PTA
  85. |Re: (Illinois) Car-seat law aims to protect children
  86. |Re: Database should audit high $$ in Foster Care system
  87. |Re: NC minister denied Foster status complained DSS b4
  88. Re: Baby undoing infant seat!
  89. Re: Happy Harry Potter Day! Review, no spoilers
  90. wood heat
  91. Fun equipment and ideas for kids and adults with severe disabilities
  92. Moving to another state
  93. Re: Water stains on walls? (OT)
  94. Re: passy
  95. Cutting water
  96. Where to find updated reviews on products?
  97. Wanted Help
  98. Songs with gestures
  99. The name game...and it's challenges...
  100. Re: Anti-homeschooling
  101. Re: Allergic to Laundry Detergents?
  102. Re: International Muffin Day!
  103. Re: baby bath suggestions
  104. Re: talking to the doctor
  105. Re: 'Horrible' Home
  106. Re: My Daughter
  107. No connection, eh? BULL****!
  108. Re: African-Americans, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Pentecostalists
  109. Re: Travelling by air with a Kelty Kid Carrier and Yellowstone questions
  110. Frustrated - Potty training
  111. Re: childcare centre/nanny dilemma
  112. rubber ducky maintenance
  113. Re: 12-year-old English girl runs off with 31-year-old U.S. Marine
  114. Outdoor Kids Games for Neighborhood Event
  115. Re: If you want to have a baby
  116. Keeping Toddler in bed
  117. when do we get to the "mine" stage?
  118. Doll for 2 year old almost big sister
  119. Should I put my 3 year old back in diapers?
  120. Need advice on baby gate for extra wide doorway
  121. Need advice on baby gate for extra wide doorway
  122. Brain Growth, Head Circumference, and Autism
  123. new "Notes" (Children's book reviews)
  124. Re: Hepatitis B immunization
  125. Breastfeeding number two
  126. safe for kids Mosquito repellent
  127. easy part songs for family singing?
  128. Re: news: More Darwin in action
  129. Re: Homeschooling for free?
  130. Re: Hey, Les!
  131. Re: Bottles at night
  132. Re: When things go too far
  133. OT Question - small wildlife in the house
  134. Re: Article on kids and concerts
  135. 60 Minutes II
  136. How to monitor teenager's internet activity?
  137. Visiting San Diego - questions
  138. suggest birthday present ideas for five year old girl
  139. |Re: NY Times calls D Pelzer "Dysfunction 4 Dollars"
  140. update re: baby bath help
  141. I Just Asked for a Little Help
  142. Let's take a real look at HSLDA
  143. Dumb first time mom question :)
  144. cat scratches
  145. New Website for NC Single Parents
  146. Re: Goodbye to everyone
  147. Re: Other crt rules child abuse investigation unconstitutional
  148. Re: Saerah Bennett, a uniquely repulsive individual
  149. More about instinctive/natural/attachment parenting
  150. Re: Saerah, you're getting what you deserve
  151. All About Moms--From the Mouths of Babes
  152. Re: Child abuse or poor judgement? Kids wanted to ride in trunk
  153. Re: Re: Saerah, you're getting what you deserve
  154. Jogging strollers
  155. Starting a bedtime ritual
  156. if you are a parent with toddlers
  157. Book recommendations required!
  158. Re: cadle crap
  160. Re: [OT] Etiquette question
  161. Locate the Resources You Need for the 2003/2004 School Year
  162. Re: FWD bad judgement or abuse Trunk kids begged to ride
  163. making ends meet
  164. double stroller
  165. Re: How Can You Fight the System?
  166. night potty training
  167. Re: introducing myself
  168. Re: Paints for handprint painting
  169. Temporary Stair Barrier?
  170. Re: Why are we on Foster NG? B/c children *seized* that's why
  171. where to get a bed rail?
  172. nutrition question on year old
  173. Question about Roseola
  174. My awful side effects from Strattera for ADHD
  175. (UT) Parents forced to give up kids to get mental help for them
  176. Child modeling 101 questions
  177. Re: discipline
  178. (OH) Toddlers recover from lead poisoning
  179. Re: Baby Sitter Available!
  180. |Re: (TN) Treetop adventure leaves little climber in big trouble
  181. bedtime routine for 3rd baby
  182. Reflux and babies
  183. Re: FALSEACC--Introduction DAVID MOORE
  184. stupid question about fever
  185. Hospital warms to water births
  186. Re: Administration of psychotropics & lawsuit
  187. Re: SAHD -- NPR story
  188. Re: 6 month old schedule question
  189. other bath idea
  190. Medicating a newborn
  191. toothbrushes for kids
  192. help with newborn !!
  193. Victims of the Fury ( Wenatchee)
  194. Bedtime destruction-Xpost
  196. True Stories - Multicultural Stories for Children Online
  197. 5.5 Week Old Slept Through Night...
  198. FAO Nikki (Hunter and Luke)
  199. Personal space
  200. Palate extender
  201. door lock
  202. Newsletter for SingleParents
  203. Re: Can I ask Kane....
  204. Birthday sept 12 2001
  205. Re: Greg Trying to Bait Henry (was Re: Not titled a News Group here.)
  206. RECALL: Toy Stacking Rings
  207. RECALL: Wal-Mart Kids Sling Chair
  208. Infected Mosquito Bites
  209. Need help ... Interacting with girlfriends baby
  210. at what age - music and ballet class
  211. Money money money...
  213. Re: help please
  214. Re: yes, Joe has it all in a book
  215. Interesting Book on Homeschooling
  216. FAO Daye astrology charts
  217. Alternatives to high school?
  218. Godparents
  219. parentitis test
  220. (Pakistan) ‘Breastfeeding saves children from diseases’
  221. Toddler behavior question
  222. Actitivities for balance
  223. Activities for body position
  224. Fine Motor Activities
  225. Activities for Auditory Skills
  226. Activities for Visual Skills
  227. organizations for meeting other full-time parents
  228. Re: Turbo-charged toddler
  229. Help with stuttering
  230. Need Advice on Jogging Stroller w/Infant Seat
  231. Stay-at-Home Dad Blues
  232. |Re: Anger Management
  233. Re: Counteragitprop
  234. Sedation and dental work for toddler
  235. Re: Bedtime drama
  236. Cloth Diapers
  237. Re: Pangborn's HERO, Dr. Ralph C. Underwager Re: THEY JUST DON'T GET IT
  238. Re: Starting Kindergarten
  239. liners for cloth diapers for nighttime?
  240. writhing and crying in night
  241. Need Advice on Jogging Travel System
  242. Re: More kids in the trunk
  243. Re: Screaming in the night (similar to crying in the night post)
  244. Re: Any Jump Ropers here? X-posted
  245. Re: teaching good sleep habits (xpost)
  246. Re: Activities for Tactile Integration
  247. who colored their hair?
  248. new childfree newsgroup where parents can post too
  249. Re: Blopens on the dining room table
  250. Review: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (*)