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" Big Money while " Working in Faith " pays dividends "
" Big Money while " Working in Faith " pays dividends "

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How do you like those Apples Mr Google.
Thank you
Google for your Google bot
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" Working in Faith "

How far can one see,while Surrounded by Only GOD'S
perfect creation.

Being driven by Faith and guided there In,while
working through the Power of candle light.
Seeing It give-way while watching the last Star fade
*Introducing the Sun
to this dark Mountain.
Far enough it seems to move this Mountain.
*to you

Thank you:
" GOD "
" Jesus the Christ "
2Barter, Google & YouTube
Founder of Your Non-profit
The U S Contractors Offering Service
20 feb 2007
24 oct 2006
Next years Mardi Gras will stat to the tradition of celebration.
*" Working in Faith "
*Each one will get better an better in faith all the while.
" Working in Faith " an make your self some income as well
* Inbox
*Craig Oral Somerford
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20 feb 2007
-- out
24 oct 2006
Thank you
Paperlink work

On 2/14/07, Craig Oral Somerford wrote:

To: "2Barter. net"
Cc: " Make Today Yesterdays Tomorrow "
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*14 feb 2007 " What's that like?
*24 oct 2006
*Thank you
*Craig Oral Somerford

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *" Working in
Faith "
Some how it seems to me Mr Google that this promotional quest is
getting in the way of Peoples Idea of what this Non-profit is truly
all about,
or in other words they seem hell bent on trying to stop it.
Mr Google there are now making you guys take me down from one email
These People need to understand what am i doing wrong an getting me to
stop might just be harder then they think; or so they think.
For now i have not made a penny an when i get some Cash in my hot
little hands every-one will no about this site.
And the Bartering we as a hole have put into this Blessing found.


For this organization, in; *our or some might call "
venture "
We are undertaking is to increase public awareness.
ethereal |iˈθi(ə)rēəl| adjective 1 extremely delicate and light in a
way that seems too perfect for this world : her ethereal beauty | a
singer who has a weirdly ethereal voice. • heavenly or spiritual :
ethereal, otherworldly visions. 2 Chemistry (of a solution) having
diethyl ether as a solvent. DERIVATIVES ethereality |iˌθi(ə)rēˈalitē|
noun etherealize |-ˌlīz| verb ethereally adverb ORIGIN early 16th
cent.: via Latin from Greek aitherios (from aithēr 'ether' ) + -al .
14 feb 2007
24 oct 2006
Thank you
GOD in
" Jesus the Christ "
Name sake iPray
ethereal adjective melodic phrases of ethereal beauty delicate,
exquisite, dainty, elegant, graceful; fragile, airy, fine, subtle;
unearthly. antonym substantial, earthly.

Thank you
Mr Steve Jobs for this Apple Five Months ogo i had no idea how to do
what i seem to be doing now " Working in Faith " realy works.

Walt Disney always seemed too have dreamed well too.

" As i make my bed in SHEOL thou art with me " too
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