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Default Things to think of before you get married again..

Andre Lieven wrote:

Exactly. In spite of the fact that this area is neither biological
to women, nor medical to women, thus leaving no good reason why it
should ONLY be offered to women, it is mere misandrous sexism.

No matter what, it is NOT gender neutral because it only applies
to fathers if and only as long as he has the mother's permission.


Mothers do not need anyone's permission or approval.

Exactly. Only when a man is allowed to sign a legal form by which
he revokes all of his legal rights and responsibilities to a child,
this area of law will stay misandrously sexist.

did yu guys ever watch Family Law. I remember this one episode where

what the atty did here was just plain illegal, and i kept screeching
about it
through the whole ep
the child is not competent to testify
the child should not have been called under any circumstances
that the child was called wo consulting parents, that is enough to
suspend the
license of the atty


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