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Default Things to think of before you get married again..

Bob Whiteside wrote:

So then you have no problem with the child support used exclusively for

and not be put into the family coffers for let's say, the mortgage, SUV

You may take what I said at face value. I will leave it to legislatures
and courts to figure out what constitutes an expense in the child's

[sanctimony deleted] Neither the legislatures nor the courts
have used expense based criteria to fulfill a child's interest since the
mid-80's when CS guidelines were introduced.

But if one wants to go down OP's road, then you end up back at
expense-based criteria, with all of the nit-picking and litigation that
implies. Vicious circle.

BTW, how do you feel about the implication made by OP that using child
support money to help pay the mortgage on the house in which the child
lives is somehow not in the child's interest?