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R. Steve Walz
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Holger Dansk wrote:

On Wed, 02 Jun 2004 02:56:32 GMT, "R. Steve Walz"

Holger Dansk wrote:

The Greek and Roman civilizations existed about 2,000 years ago. They
contributed a great deal to the modern world.

The Greeks had the greatest ancient civilization. All of those
thousands of years the black savages in Africa were just savages
contributing nothing to the world.


Greeks did nothing but quarrel and fight, the Athenian democracy
was impossible without the enslavement of captives taken in often
cowardly raids on other more peaceful peoples.

Thomas Jefferson studied Aristotle and used his philosophy when he wrote
our Constitution. (He was the primary author.)

The Greeks put vowels in the alphabet which made language a lot more

Mind you, I even LIKE the Romans, and Latin, which I studied for
5 years and can still SPEAK conversationally!

Latin is a dead language. Not anyone speaks it.

You've just proved you're an ignorant uneducated boor.
That's obviously why you're a racist.