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Default denied health ins because of miscarriage?

It did show up on the paperwork ("c-section or miscarriage" Then they do
extensive underwriting and collect all my medical records from the last 5
years and try to find any reason they can to deny me...

Obviously, i'm not feeling very hopeful about this. So, I've also applied
for OHP/Medicaid for pregnant women, just in case.

: ) D

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Leinweber wrote:

Hi all...

I have posted a couple of times in the last few days. Thank you for

replies. Obviously we are scrambling to get things taken care of.

I'm almost 5 weeks pregnant, and my husband lost his job (on his

birthday) 2
days before we found out about this pregnancy. We absolutely in no way

afford the cobra plan, and are now applying for individual insurance

for me because of this pregnancy). But I have had a miscarraige in the
past... My question is... Will that miscarriage (4 months ago) mean I
could be denied health insurance? All I've heard is that they can't

pregnancy as a pre-existing condition.

I can't imagine why they would do so. As devastating
as they are personally, miscarriages are *very* common (at
least early ones are) and rarely indicate likely problems
in the future. Also, how would they even know? I'd be
somewhat surprised if it showed up on a questionnaire, unless
it showed up as a question about recurrent miscarriages or
fertility issues or something like that, which obviously
wouldn't apply.

Best wishes,