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Default denied health ins because of miscarriage?

We are applying for Lifewise, which I can get coverage (including they pay
80% of maternity with no waiting periods) for about $129 a month in my area
(of Oregon). I used (I believe). Many have 12 months
waiting periods, but I picked out the ones that didn't.

We are expecting paperwork in the mail for some sort of OHP/Medicaid type of
program for pregnant women, we will fill that out also and see who will take
me. I've been declined health insurance in the past, so i'm afraid that
alone will be enough reason Lifewise wont take me.

Thanks again.

: ) D

"Rosegin" wrote in message
We absolutely in no way can
afford the cobra plan, and are now applying for individual insurance

for me because of this pregnancy).

How much research have you done? Most of the individual plans I checked

didn't even offer maternity coverage. And if they did, it was hundreds

and you weren't allowed to get pregnant for 2 years after start of

Have you applied for medicaid? Sounds like you'd be eligible since DH has