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Default AZ is a dead beat state!!

AZ isn't the only state. My husband's ex kept his daughter from him for years cause she *thought* he wasn't paying. Even moved and wouldn't allow anyone to say where they were. This after 2 years of paying CS. We discovered years later when we finally found her that Ohio hadn't been passing the money along to her. We had to send her copies of his paystubs showing the deductions before she'd believe it. Now we have a problem in that some arrearages developed while he was out of work. They've kept his tax refund for the last 4 years, but none of it went to her or was applied to the arrearage. Plus they've kept it on his credit report.

"Mysonsfather" wrote in message news:[email protected]
For those of you who think your NCP ex husbands (or ex wives, as the case may be) are lying when they say they ARE paying CS and you are getting none... And for those of you that ARE paying CS and being accused of not paying by your ex's, this weeks Tucson Weekly newspaper has in interesting article. Maybe the money is being paid to the state but the CP isn't receiving a check from the state. Read the article here

I found it really interesting.