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Default help me keep my son from perpetuating the cycle of abuse (very long)

Betsy wrote:
In news:[email protected],
Betsy wrote:
In news:[email protected],

Blaming everything, or most everything on a cycle of abuse is not
the answer. You had some (a LOT) input into your son's behavior.
Even a few years away from abusive relationships can be enough to
turn opinions around.

What part of SEVEN years of abstinence did you not hear me say? Then
I started dating again and the guy I really liked turned out to be
very bad news. So I gave up, obviously I'm not ready and I'm in
therapy at the YWCA.

Apparently, I am not any help in this situation. My apologies for
wasting time and space. Since I have nothing of value to offer I
will shut up now. I do wish you the best, and hope everything works
out for you

You were helpful and I appreciated that you took the time to read my long
request for help and you responded to my desperation. I just felt that you
were focusing on my mental illness as the problem and viewing the entire
context of the cycle of abuse as a way of me trying to avoid responsibility.
And I apologize for my sarcasm, I think I'm just really stressed out about
being abstinent for so long and it having all been for nothing. I'm still
screwed up and my son is way more screwed up than I ever thought capable and
I wish it were due to mental illness, there are pills for that. What is
wrong here is so convoluted that only a lot of time and love and role models
and expert help that we may not be able to get can help.