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Default help me keep my son from perpetuating the cycle of abuse (very long)

16 years of dealing with LL misandrist rantings......I'm surprised it didn't
happen sooner.

But in her will always be someone else's fault

"Rolly The Pervert" wrote in message

wrote in message

news:[email protected]

"This is part of the result of living with mood swings, dissociation, the
of anti-depressants and the "shock" of post-traumatic stress disorder.

it is the result of simply not knowing how to set limits and normal
consequences when all you've ever lived in is a war zone."

Don't you think living around and with someone with these problems would
**** up about any kid? I sniped the rest of your post, cause you don't

my thoughts on it.

you love this kid, let him go, if you have any family that he's comfotable
at, let him go there, if anyone can provide foster care, let him go there.
Jesus H Christ, the kids mother gets comited, is stung up on pain meds and
sedatives, and he freaked out. Look, most people who suffer from

have the same problem as you, no matter what, you don't see past your

No matter what, you'll feel like you got the raw end of the deal, wether

be by a cop, a social worker, or your son. Your shrink "believes in you"

you say, so it's cool with him, unless he calls you on some of this, in
which case he ends up like the cops and social workers.

When the only place you got left [to come for advice is usenet, something
might be wrong.
When every R/L person around you is telling you ya got a serious problem,
you might be wrong
When you still need to blame a man who isn't even around right now, you
might got a problem.
When you, as a grown women, needs to blame things on her mother, you might
got a problem

When all those things happen at the same time, over the same issue, you DO
have a problem.

Get some help, if not for yourself, do it for your kid. How do you expect
your kid to function normally while you carry around all that bagage?