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Bob Whiteside wrote:

For a person who claims to be from Minnesota who has so many strong
about men's parental responsibility, you ought to understand the
laws regarding women's parental avoidance.

Never heard of it, but then I've only been back for four years.

"Under the Minnesota program, called "A Safe Place for Newborns,", a
can anonymously drop off an unharmed newborn without fear of prosecution.
She will be asked to volunteer medical information, but not required to
so. No identification required, no signed relinquishment, no mandatory
medical information."

So tell me, which do you prefer, having the child dropped off at a
firehouse or hospital, or dropped into a dumpster? That's a very serious
question, and I hope that you will respond in that spirit.

Personally, given those choices, I'll go for the firehouse/hospital. Best
of a set of bad alternatives. you find it ok for a woman to abandon a child, but abhorrent for a
man to do so? Why is that, Fred?