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Default Canada - Another Dad Loses His Baby in Adoption Scam

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Since this was a private adoption how much did the bio-mother get paid for
selling her child to the adoptive parents? The CS order against the
father is repaying the adoptive parents for the money they spent to buy
the child. I'm surprised Glenn Sacks didn't pick up on this dirty little
secret about the financial transactions in private adoptions.

Something I've noticed over the years is that even when the courts, media,
and even the man on the street, all know that when a Father has done no
wrong, no harm to his child(ren), pursued all legal avenues, used truth,
logic and commonsense to present his side of things - in nearly ever case
the courts have said "Yup, we know you're a decent person and we know you're
in the right. But since you don't have a vagina and it's not in accordance
with the Law of Radical Feminism, therefore you aren't a victim in our eyes.
We hereby find you guilty of everything and nothing. You are ordered to pay
more then half your life's earnings until the child(ren) are 25 or you die,
which ever comes first. Here's the bill and there's the jail cell. Which
do you want?"

Talk about one hell of a scam.