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Default Independance from Freedom Day, July 4th

Michael Coburn wrote:
On Sun, 21 Jun 2009 13:47:50 -0700, Peter Franks wrote:

ZerkonXXXX wrote:
On Fri, 19 Jun 2009 20:54:25 -0700, DB wrote:

I'm sure you didn't mean those people who work, are given subsistence
aid, or help because they're poor?

Did you?
Welfare to the poor is only a distraction while the Bankers pick your
pockets clean!
I think what we are faced with today runs deeper.

While bankers have, well, forever 'picked pockets' the newer thief on
the block is a modern economic basic. Namely, making money from money
only as opposed to the products/labor of money.

Not that this has not happened before, after all capitalism is making
profit from ones capital, but capitalism, until recently, invested in
product and the labor needed to produce products. Now that many
products and the labor needed have been outsourced, these investments
are put into debt. A "anti-product" actually, a thing based on labor
not yet done and product not yet produced.

Capitalism has become based on promises to pay yet never really wanting
the promises to be filled. The old economic virtue of paying off ones
debts has been replaced with that of debt service.

We don't live in a capitalist economy. What we live in is a
socialist/communist economy that attempts to masquerade as capitalism.

The attempt to lie about fascism continues. We have been living in a
fascist state for the last 30 years and most especially the last 8
years. To be sure this has not been a pure form of capitalism. But it
has been more a form of capitalism than any form of socialism.

It is all the bad of capitalism with all the bad of socialism. Mind
you, socialism taints deeply.

fascism can and will don the cloak of capitalism very easily and wage a
constant all out assault on whatever it chooses to call "socialism". In
so doing, of course, the fascist disguises fascism as capitalism.

Any time there is a problem, 'capitalism' is to blame, even though it
had nothing to do with it. The solution? More socialism/communism.

Any time there is a problem for the rightard, the blame lies in something
other than fascism. And the favorite is, of course, socialism/communism.

The economic crisis is due to socialism, not fascism.

Credit is killing the economy and it will kill again.

Credit is an integral part of the division and specialization of labor
and the development of _real_ capital.

False. Credit is a means to an end that is subject to compromise.

IF you engage in credit/debt, the YOU MUST accept the risk, not others.

The current state is because of those that engage in the act, but refuse
to accept the risk.

More importantly, "saving" is
integral to society. "saving" and "credit" are the mechanism by which a
society flourishes.

For short term, perhaps. Long term, credit destroys. It has, it does,
and it will.

THE BEST INDIVIDUAL ADVICE that can be given is *get out of debt, NOW!*
Live within your means; be financially responsible and follow a

Always sound advice to those who will not invest.

Sound advice period.

Non-guaranteed investments are nothing more than gambling.

Credit and debt are tools of the devil, get out of bondage, get out of

Debt is, in fact, a bondage.

Right. Get out of it.