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Default She can't afford CS

"DB" wrote in message

AT least this wakes up a lot of people!

You should read the comments.. very anti-male. The sisterhood is jumping
all over this one, claiming that it's her ex-husbands fault, that she got
screwed in court, blah-blah-blah...

Yup, any time the radfems can't make their case using -facts-, it quickly
becomes time for the "Bash the Man!!" show.

Always gotta be a man's fault, eh, girls? Let's not have any RESPONSIBILITY
for the little ladies, that would be unfair. That would spoil their VICTIM
HOOD. That would mean that they got the EQUALITY that all those MEN died to
get them.

Yup, they bitch if they ain't got something and bitch all the louder when
they do - because they can't get it themselves.. they need men to do their
work for them.

Enjoy your crow girls.