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Default Men's Health: It starts in pregnancy

Sorry Jeff, I apologize for suggesting you were addressing me in your THIRD

It was nice of you though to address me in your first. : )

"Todd Gastaldo" wrote in message
PREGNANT WOMEN: MDs are knowingly closing birth canals up to 30%. It's
easy to allow your birth canal to OPEN the "extra" up to 30%.

See the very end of this post...

MEN'S HEALTH: It starts during pregnancy

I want to thank the magazine MEN'S HEALTH (and author MARK JENKINS) for

fine infant circumcision article cited below.

Jeff P.Utz, MD ) whines:

"No, I did not say this to Gastaldo. I said it to the newsgroup (which Mr.
Gastaldo is member)."

I apologise to Jeff P.Utz, MD for suggesting that he was addressing me in
his second sentence.

Jeff wrote:

"Gee, it sounds like you need to get your facts strait [sic] and
up-to-date...Personally, I have never done a circumsion without anesthesia
and never
will. No one (including babies) should have one with anesthesia."

(My facts *were* "strait" and up-to-date.)

Jeff says now:

"And I mispoke. I meant to say 'No one (including babies) should have one
without anesthesia.' I apologise for my mistake."

Jeff's obvious mistake is NOT what he needs to apologize for...

As I wrote when I mentioned Jeff's "with anesthesia" mistake:

"I would apologize for not correcting Jeff P.Utz, MD's obvious mistake -

first Jeff and AAP should apologize to all the infants that are STILL
risking death and loss of penis - or "just" screaming writhing and
bleeding - so MDs can stay out of prison for their obviously massive,
ongoing child abuse for profit scheme."

Jeff will probably say he and AAP don't need to apologize because parents
ASK MDs to rip and slice their sons' penises.

Jeff may not know it but...

In 1995, the American Academy of Pediatrics/AAP officially
stated in
effect that MDs can no longer make infants scream and writhe and bleed and
sometimes die...and hide behind PARENTS REQUEST IT cowardice...

According to AAP,

"[T]he pediatrician's responsibilities to his or her patient exist
independent of parental desires...

"...A[n infant's screaming writhing and bleeding obviously constitutes
the - TDG] patient's reluctance or refusal to assent [and - TDG]
should...carry considerable weight when the proposed intervention is not
essential to his or her welfare
and/or can be deferred without substantial risk...

"[T]hose who care for children need to provide for measures to solicit
assent and to attend to possible abuses of 'raw' power over children when
ethical conflicts occur."
Informed Consent, Parental Permission, and Assent in Pediatric
Pediatrics Volume 95, Number 2 February, 1995, p. 314-317

In 1980, one pediatrician wrote:

"[Routine infant circumcision] constitutes child acknowledged
hazard to health." [Michael Katz, MD: Letter. AJDC, 1980]

In 1986, another wrote:

"What a terrible indictment...guilty of failing those for whom we have
chosen to be advocates." [Finkel KC: The failure to report child abuse.
AJDC, 1986;140:329-330]

This massive MD crime that sometimes kills or causes loss of the penis
should have ended back in 1987 when I exposed American medicine's phony
"babies can't feel pain" neurology.

It should have ended about two BILLION dollars' worth of infant screams


For further details, see the post to which Jeff P.Utz, MD "responded"...

See Chiro care of baby penises (also: Dr. Poland never sued Dr. Gastaldo)

Thanks for reading everyone.



Dr. Gastaldo

PS Ending the infant mutilations/infant screams would instantly save
America an estimated $400 million dollars per year^^^.

^^^The $400 million dollar per year figure is from Mark Jenkins' article

Men's Health, July/August 1998, pages 130-135,163.

Paradoxically, ending the infant mutilations/infant screams would also
PRESERVE the mutilation as a CHOICE American males can make for themselves
in adulthood.


"The practice violates all seven principles of the American Medical
Association's code of ethics," charges George Denniston, M.D., a Seattle
physician and founder of Doctors Opposing Circumcision. "By definition

not even surgery. Surgery is removal of diseased tissue, or a repair of

--Denniston quoted in Mark Jenkins' article in Men's Health, July/August
1998, pages 130-135,163.

Encyclopedias use the term "mutilation" to describe circumcision.

Here are some exact quotes:

"Thus in Hebrew history the mutilation of Abraham is the beginning of a
religious rite which has continued...

"...[R]eligious mutilations are personal and voluntary in
contradistinction to savage practice, where mutilations are imposed by
compulsion upon conquered enemies or enslaved peoples or persons..."
[Gomme L. Mutilation. In Hastings J (ed). Encyclopaedia of Religion and
Ethics. Vol. IX NY: Charles Scribner's Sons 1922:62-3]

Biblical quote regarding the mutilation of enslaved persons: "[E]very man
purchased with money of yours
must without fail get circumcised..." [Genesis 17:13]

"Mutilations of the sexual organs are more ethnically important than
any...The most important, circumcision (q.v.), has been transformed into
a religious rite...."
[Mutilation. The Encyclopaedia Britannica. Vol. XIX, Cambridge, England:
University Press 1911:99-100]

"[C]ircumcision is one of the procedures by which an individual is
initiated into a new social role at puberty. Initiation rites may
include ordeals involving other forms of mutilation...."
[Mutilation. The Encyclopedia Americana. Vol. 19, Danbury, CT: Grolier
Inc. 1992:681]


BTW, my own penis was mutilated. It seems quite normal to me - but it

mutilated - barbarically so according to the medical literatu

"After years of strapping babies down for this brutal procedure and
listening to their screams, we couldn't take it any longer." [Sperlich
BK, Conant M. Am J Nurs (Jun)1994:16.]

"Nursing alert...[N]urses must consider their participation in a
surgical procedure that involves no anesthesia to be a barbaric
practice." (p. 205) Donna L. Wong's Essentials of
Pediatric Nursing [1997]

"[S]till all too often barbaric...[M.D.s]...would never allow older

adults to be subjected to such practices, nor would they submit to it
themselves..." [Veteran circumcision cheerleader Colonel Thomas E.

MD in article in the April 24, 1997 New England Journal of


Jeff and AAP seem to think that it was OK for MDs to "inform" parents with
phony "babies can't feel pain" neurology as they inflicted on babies their
"no medical indications" routine circumcisions.

Jeff and AAP seem to think that it was OK for AAP to "forget" to mention

TWO subsequent AAP circumcision statements) that after the phony "babies
can't feel pain" neurology was exposed the California Medical
Association/CMA House of Delegates ignored the CMA Scientific Board and by
voice vote instantly created "an effective public health measure" out of

medical indications."

THE KICKER: After I discovered the phony "babies can't feel pain"
neurology - after I called for religious exemptions for Jews - just before
CMA ignroed its own Scientific Board - AAP came out against ALL religious
exemptions - and in favor of ANONYMITY FOR PERPETRATORS of child abuse.

Understandably, MDs do not want to go to prison.

AAP should have disclosed this obvious "must stay out of prison" bias in
each AAP circumcision statement.

For details:

See again: Chiro care of baby penises (also: Dr. Poland never sued Dr.

MDs know they are committing horrible crimes against babies....

Which brings me to my usual public service announcement about MDs

closing birth canals up to 30%...

PREGNANT WOMEN: To help protect your VAGINA, don't let the
close your birth canal up to 30%.

Semisitting and dorsal delivery (medicine's most common delivery

CLOSE the birth canal up to 30%. It's EASY to for you to allow your birth
canal to OPEN the "extra" up to 30%. See the very end of this post...

MD-obstetricians are SLICING VAGINAS en masse (euphemism "routine
episiotomy") - surgically/FRAUDULENTLY claiming they are doing everything
possible to OPEN birth canals - even as they CLOSE birth canals - up to


See Criminal medical CAM at Hawai'i's John A Burns School of Medicine

See also: Helping baby open birth canal (Why obstetrics is criminal


MD-obstetricians are also committing SPINAL MANIPULATION child abuse at

With birth canals senselessly closed, MD-obstetricians are violently

(with oxytocin, Cytotec, PGE2) and gruesomely pulling (with hands,


Some babies die, some get paralyzed - but most "only" have their necks
gruesomely wrenched.

ALL spinal manipulation is gruesome with the birth canal closed up to 30%.

LADIES: It's EASY for you to allow your birth canal to OPEN the "extra"

to 30%.

Just roll onto your side as you push your baby out - or deliver on
hands-and-knees, kneeling, standing, squatting, etc.

BEWARE though: Some MDs and MBs will let you "try" "alternative"
delivery positions but will move you back to dorsal or semisitting (close
your birth canal!) as you push your baby out!

Talk to your MD or MB about this TODAY.

MDs/MBs: If you must push or pull - and sometimes you must - first get

woman off her sacrum - off her back/butt.

MDs can't stop these obvious crimes because stopping them would be
tantamount to admitting them.

I favor pardons in advance for MDs. MDs are just academic prime cuts

through this culture's most powerful mental meatgrinder - medical school.

Pardons in advance would allow MDs to keep doing their valid medical work,
earning money to pay the inevitable massive civil damages.

Again, thanks for reading everyone.



Dr. Gastaldo

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Men's Health: It starts in pregnancy