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Bill Cosby - NAACP leaders stunned by remarks of prominent comedian

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Old July 7th 04, 02:03 AM
R. Steve Walz
external usenet poster
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Holger Dansk wrote:

"greccogirl" wrote:

Stupid remarks for anyone to make. Black Savage indeed. While I do not
agree with you Steve on reparations and a lot of what you say,
definitely there is racism and here is a good example.

Go to the Sudan and Somalia and you'll see some savages living in towns.
And, you will know they are savages. You will be lucky to get out alive.
The blacks in Sudan have lots of black slaves, etc.


Mistaken, irrelevant, and moronic.

R. Steve Walz wrote:

Holger Dansk wrote:
black-savage-Ethiopian-American women
You're a racist **** and you deserve to be killed.

Ignore this racist asshole.

Old July 7th 04, 02:09 AM
R. Steve Walz
external usenet poster
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Holger Dansk wrote:

"R. Steve Walz" wrote in message
Holger Dansk wrote:

So you are black and all of this arguing has been because of the sub saharan
savages and the fact that the Greeks were not black. Give me strength. :-)

We're not black.
You're an ignorant racist little piece of ****.

I finally know where you are coming from. You are one of these people in
that Bill Cosby is talking about and you are upset.

We're not black, and Cosby is ignorant.

Well, I haven't told you about the American negro have I? I just told you

the ones in Africa that are savages in every sense of the word.

Since you've never studied such a thing, you're BOTH wrong AND lying!

There you go about "studying".

Which you are sensitive about because what little schooling you've
had you flunked.

You black people

None of us here are black, you infantile racist little ****-mind.

[Immature blather and resentment of people who are educated - deleted]

There's something you may not know. Some of the most ignorant fools in the
world have a degree or degrees.
The world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are

So you should be a great crack dealer.

Cosby is an ignorant racist piece of crap.

There you go, doing exactly what Cosby has asked you not to do, using "racist"
as an excuse for shortcomings.

We're attacking Cosby, not excusing him, you moron!
Old July 8th 04, 08:14 AM
R. Steve Walz
external usenet poster
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Jasper PNL Mfg Co, LTD wrote:

"R. Steve Walz" wrote in message
Holger Dansk wrote:

"Bob LeChevalier" wrote in message
"Holger Dansk" wrote:
Your opinion is worthless.

Well, all I would have to do is put my opinion on my web site, and

since it
would be in writing

Why would your website be more "in writing" than your ignorant Usenet
posts, idiot?

and all of you blacks who have recently learned to read seem to
think that, if it's in writing, then it's true, you would believe my

Such illogic and false assumptions are why you are labeled subhuman
racist slime.

I warn you, maybe 50% of the web sites are not reliable. There's all

doo doo out there.


Nothing like having the education and intelligence to sort out valid
information from crackpot theories like those of Sitchin.

If I were you, I wouldn't let people know that you were assaociated

Language Group.

I am.

That's like saying that you went to University of Wdowee, etc., or

you like negro phonics or whatever that damn fool crap that the


But it is not like your repetitious admission that you are a subhuman
racist slime.

You really like that "slime" word don't you? It's just sticky mud or a

Was there a lot of slime in your ghetto?

He didn't have a ghetto, you ****-brained racist.

really witty rejoinder there, BOY

We ain't yo "BOY", you racist ****-mind.

Oh, it was ebonics that I was trying to think of that some damn fool in

a school
in Washington
state wanted to begin teaching. Instead of teaching them the proper way

speak, as Bill Cosby
suggest this damn fool woman wanted to create another language in which

spoke like
poor ass dumb blacks. Imagine that.

They already speak a variant of english because of their cultural
deprivation due to poverty and racism. The term "ebonics" is merely
a bad joke, as are you.

Oh, by the way, if I'm black what have I said that is racist.

You're not black, you're a ****ing white racist.

ohhhh how original

You've been told this before, I guess!!

Well, ****head, they were RIGHT!!

So far as a civilization being far superior to all of the rest, not

anyone even
came close to the
anchient Greeks.

Then you like ****ing teenage boys, eh?
You're an idiot. You don't know **** about civilization.

but you seem to be an expert about who prefers teenage boys, isn't that
right, Rump-Ranger ?

You're the only pedo-****-minded racist here, BOY!

If that's racist then fine. It's the truth.

It's not, it's just wrong, and you're stupid.

and you're still a clue-less whigger

And you're BroJackAss in drag, as stupid as you actually are!!
Old July 8th 04, 08:15 AM
R. Steve Walz
external usenet poster
Posts: n/a

Jasper PNL Mfg Co, LTD wrote:

"R. Steve Walz" wrote in message
Freakazoid wrote:

Bob LeChevalier wrote in

FACE wrote:
On Sun, 04 Jul 2004 12:10:50 -0400, Bob LeChevalier

It might have been a Greek, or a Phoenician, or
even a dark-skinned Copt or Nubian.

I have always heard that the coptic written language has no vowels and
it is long dead...nobody speaks it any more. So I wonder how they
(You know they, don't you?) determined that it was Ra and not Re or
Ru. I have heard it pronounced 'Rah' and 'Ray' but still spelled in
translation as Ra.

I think that the following answers most of your question, though it is
indirect on the "how they know"

The "how" is that they look at what Greek letters were borrowed into
the Coptic alphabet to represent vowel sounds (whereupon "r" started
being written as "ra", and then use the knowledge of Greek
pronunciation of that era. Since Coptic remained a spoken language
until the last couple of hundred years, and is still a liturgical
language (and one dialect is arguably still a spoken language - see
the cite below), it is more like Latin than like ancient Hebrew or
Sumerian in providing us a way of knowing what vowels were used. The
vowels may have changed from some earlier time, and indeed 6000 years
ago, "Ra" might have been pronounced "Ree" or "Roo", but vowel changes
are not random, so those sort of changes are unlikely.



Hahahahahaha. Yeah, listen to Bob "Usenet's Biggest Idiot" LeChevalier
because he knows everything about everything, especially languages.

Check out this stupid "logical language group" Bob "Usenet's Biggest
Idiot" LeChevalier founded:


Hahahahahaha. What a geek LeChump-a-liar is! He spent his entire life
trying to come up with some stupid new language.

Hey Bob, Esparanto failed, you know. Because it was stupid! Just like
you and your stupid langauge! Hahahahahahaha.

Flib norb gooup shlix?


What a moron!

Who's yer daddy, boy?!

King of SCAA

Holger, you can't spoof worth ****.

little Stevie ****** trots out the sock-puppet excuse

Lil BroJackAss chymes in.

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